Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain

In May 2005 it rained every single day.  I remember several people leaving work one afternoon when the sun came out briefly in order to mow their lawns.  When it finally cleared, early in June, a colleague’s children wanted to go to the playground.  She was not keen, given that she knew they would come back filled with the mud of the previous four weeks’ rain.  She gave in when her daughter insisted several times in utter wonderment “But it’s a sunny day!”

Wet faux grapes and maple leaves

I would like to be able to declare that myself.  Most of my favorite pastimes require clement weather but it seems September 2011 is not about to fulfill that order.  It’s off to the gym instead of the river or the bike trail.  From the looks of things, I may soon be able to kayak out my dining room window, but it’s more likely that I’ll just have a mire.

A river runs through it ...

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2 Responses to Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain

  1. Enjoy September. The wind and the rain are going to be here for a while now….wellies ahoy….


  2. arlingwoman says:

    Well, it did take a fried August garden and turn it lush. Still, I’m looking forward to those clear blue October days before the rains of November set in. THEN I’ll dig out the wellies. Love your Macaulay, by the way. Three of his compatriots–Tosca, Cassie, and Petra–went foraging with me last weekend, plunging into springs, sniffing box turtles, and chasing squirrels. Good company.


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