The Rain It Raineth Every Day–and Sprouts Mushrooms

This noon as I came back from errands, I caught a strong whiff of dog excrement in the yard.  After checking my shoes, I continued inside and didn’t think much about it until coming home from another errand in another direction and spotting the reason for the earlier smell:  a veritable grove of Lantern Stinkhorns among the liriope.

Togetherness among the stinkhorns

They are bright orange and white and the squirrels had obviously been at them—digging one up and (shudder) biting the head off another.

A stinkhorn in its glory...

We have had a larger variety of mushrooms this late summer, first because of the hurricanes and then because of the extended rains.

Not Shitakes, unfortunately...

A week or so ago, I was tempted by a beautiful puffball on someone’s lawn.  Most of the mushrooms I see, if not downright poisonous, are not really edible, so the puffball was a nice surprise.  If it had been on my lawn, there would have been butter involved eventually…

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