The Sun Returns!

I fear I am at risk of writing a blog known for its pictures of vegetables.  That said, however, I am celebrating the return of the sun.  Yesterday, I was able to be in the garden and check things out.  While I was not keen on the massive and prolonged rains, they have rescued the garden from the fried torpor of August and turned it into something lush again.

All they needed was a month of rain...

The lettuces and carrots I planted have come up and I look forward to eating them in the weeks to come.  My second crop of beans is yielding, the tomatoes have revived and the peppers are so prolific, the plants are bent under the weight.  I also got a beautiful eggplant with more coming on and lots of chard and basil.

I have plans for this eggplant...

No vegetable purchases for me this week!

Just a few of the peppers--more to come.

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