Veggies in October? You Bet!

Members of the Plot Against Hunger task force met at Central Library Saturday morning to work on cleaning up the garden for winter.  This has been a process of removing plants as they die or stop bearing.  We have been taking out sunflowers as the finches eat the seeds.

The birds have had their fill of these.

We also harvested a great deal.  Second plantings of green beans had yielded nicely.

Now that's a bowl of beans!

In fact, they had decided the tipi structure we had built for them wasn’t enough and had run up the fence on the tennis courts.

Becky was able to harvest beans from the outside.

We also had late season tomatoes and tomatillos, eggplants and patty pan squash.  We had planted peanuts this year and were excited about harvesting them.  While they weren’t the best producers, we sampled some of the fresh peanuts and they were quite tasty.

The plant with its peanut roots.

We left some plant samples on the garden white board.

Puwen and Don have a look at the peanut yield.

Library goers will be pleased that we cleared out our compost pile from the end parking spot and used the compost to spread around our fall collards, kales, and cabbages.  That returned one more much needed parking space in the back lot to parking.

Don and Becky clear the parking space.

Puwen made sure we were rewarded by bringing apple cake and coffee, and Becky brought cider from an earlier stop at the farm market.

We all asked for the recipe.

A library patron was good enough to give us a group shot.

We’ll continue working at the garden in the coming weeks, monitor our winter crops, and begin planning for another organic, educational, demonstration garden at the library come spring.  For information on the Plot Against Hunger and the Arlington Food Assistance Center, check them out on the web.  Plotting against hunger happens year round!

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