A Cold Frame Arrives in My Garden

Last weekend after returning from Banshee Reeks, I drove by the house of a fellow plotter against hunger who had purchased the cold frames for the garden at Arlington Central Library.  I had been thinking about buying one for my garden for next fall. When I emailed Andrew to ask where he got them and how much they cost, he offered me his, since he is too busy to use it this spring.  This is not something I would turn down.  It fit neatly into the trunk of my car and looks even better in my garden.

The cold frame is from Rebuild Warehouse.

During a balmy afternoon last week, I was able to plant varieties of eggplant, pepper, and tomato seeds in the frame.  Since then, the weather has become more seasonal and I’ve got the lid closed to keep the seeds warm.

I’m looking forward to sprouts and seedlings.  From the look of some of the trees in my neighborhood, spring is just around the corner.

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2 Responses to A Cold Frame Arrives in My Garden

  1. Allison says:

    Great to see the frame in your garden as opposed to your trunk 🙂 Can’t believe the tree you posted – WOW! Out here in the ‘burbs we are not that far along. A.


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