Central Library Garden: The Continuous Yield

One of the stories emerging from the Central Library Garden this spring is the number of crops that wintered over.

The broccoli had several cuttings over the course of the winter and continues to thrive.

While Plot Against Hunger deliberately planted crops in the fall that would extend our season, we had no idea that we would harvest throughout the winter.  The broccoli, kale, and collards—not to mention the cabbage and lettuce—did very well.

The garlic, planted last fall, usually is about four inches tall by mid-March, but ours continued to grow all winter.  We’ll probably be able to harvest it a month earlier than we otherwise would.

Normally at this time of year, garlic is about four inches tall. Note the peas in the background.

Meanwhile, I harvested a trunk full of broccoli, collards, cabbages, and lettuce this afternoon for AFAC.

More groceries than my car has seen for a while!

On February 26, we planted peas in the garden.  These have come up into nice seedlings and with the recent rain, will no doubt flourish.  Soon we will be planting seeds and putting in new plants for this year’s garden.  Check out the white board outside by the garden for updates and our garden talks brochure.

We plan to build some trellises for the peas to grow up--maybe next weekend.

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