Water Comes to the Garden, but not Rain….

Friday the county turned on the water in my community garden.  We were all relieved and happy, since it has been dry and many gardeners had been bringing containers of water from home.  A few of us pulled the garden’s hoses from storage, untangled them, and attached them to our spigots.  Now we can all water the seeds and seedlings we’ve been planting in this early, and thus far dry, spring.

My own garden is progressing nicely.  I have two rows of radishes coming on, one about two weeks behind the other.  The peas are beginning to be interested in climbing the fence, though I may still have to help them along with some twine to grab onto.

The varied lettuces I planted have been coming up, as have the carrots, chard and spinach.  Because some insect has been eating my seedlings in the cold frame, I put some light row cover over it to see whether that would help.

The Cornetto di Bordeaux will need to be thinned soon.

One thing that has pleased me immensely is the progress of the garlic.

The garlic is at least a month ahead of schedule.

It looks as though I may get two crops of it this year, if I plant more cloves soon.  Meanwhile, it’s nice to see little rows of green where once there were only wooden markers.

The garden, with a sprinkling of water...


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