Ah, the Pleasures of the First Radish!

It has been such a glorious, warm spring that it would be hard not to be happy in the garden.  While it has been dry, and this warmth may have broader implications, who could fail to be thrilled by the appearance of a radish crop before the middle of April?

I did not expect to harvest any radishes, but their red tops were peeking out of the soil and when I pulled one, I could see they were salad ready!  These are French Breakfast Radishes, which have a sharp-sweet heat that builds as you chew.

Radishes are one of those things, like beets, turnips, and carrots, whose greens you can eat, so I will probably toss them in with some of the chard I also harvested that had wintered over.  This will be my third harvest from the wintered over chard.

The only other wintered over crop that continues to thrive is the broccoli.  It’s slowing down on its floret production, though, so its days may be numbered.

I took the opportunity to do a little preliminary thinning in the greens and the result was really a salad bowl of baby greens.  I have a few early lettuces that have leapt ahead in growth as well, so I have been able to harvest them.

Glad I went to the garden before the grocery store!

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