Luckily, the Rabbits Seem Happy Here

There are a lot of rabbits in my neighborhood.  Sometimes in the evening, there are three to six of them frolicking in the courtyard, reminding me of the expression “mad as a March hare.” 

They seem to be thinking, "The grass is so lush here."

Usually when I see them, I think they have it pretty good here, the resident hawk and fox aside.  They must be fairly satisfied, since … the family has gotten so … extended.

"But then, something different would be nice for dessert."

I’m glad they don’t know about my community garden.  And if they find out, there are a lot of busy streets for them to cross and some distracting parks before they get there.

"Butter lettuce? Did you say butter lettuce?"

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2 Responses to Luckily, the Rabbits Seem Happy Here

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