The Spring Garden Fills Up

Today I went to the garden to plant some leeks and onions.  The garden looks wonderful after the recent rain.  It seems the broccoli raab grew several inches.  I have been thinning the lettuces and this has given me a nice supply of baby greens in the past few weeks to go with the radishes.

The broccoli raab, toward the middle of the picture, hides the spinach and the peas!

I planted the leeks between some rows of lettuce that will come out later this spring.  The onions went in where I had planted some onion seeds earlier that hadn’t come up, where I removed last year’s chard, and between two rows of early arugula.

The onions and leeks came from Johnny's Seeds via fellow Plot Against Hunger volunteer Don Weber.

The garden has now reached the point that my bookshelves have reached.  Something has to come out before something else can go in.  Since this is the first time I have planted so densely in the spring, I have found myself standing in the garden eyeing things and calculating how long they’ll be there.  My main job now will be weeding and watering until the spring crops reach maturity.  Still, it’s nice planning for those summer crops.

The big story for me this year is roses and irises in April.

The irises I divided last fall are thriving, even with the invading sweet peas.

In the past few years, I had been thinking that the roses were early when they kept blossoming in May.  Even their buds are fragrant.  I may have to do a little weeding and feeding there to enjoy the scent in the next week.

What can you say about roses?

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