Late February and Early March Planting Yields Now

I know.  It’s been warm, but I plant some things in March every year if there isn’t snow on the ground.  This year the quantity of greens I’m getting just from thinning head lettuces has been wonderful.  Today, after planting some onions and leeks at the Central Library garden (which has a new pea trellis in a different style from the first one), I headed to my plot and did a little thinning of the cornetto di Bordeaux, arugula, spinach, and Merveille of four seasons.

The radishes are the last of the first crop. The second is almost ready.

Then I had some of them for lunch.

In the rest of the garden, some of the broccoli raab is shooting up florets, but I’ll wait until later this week to harvest some of that.  I also thinned the carrots and plan to make a pesto with their tops, which goes really well with eggs. Meanwhile, I hope you have the pleasures of the garden as well–or at least of the beautiful weather.



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