Central Library Garden Takes Shape

A Saturday morning work party at Central Library garden beat the thunderstorms to prepare the soil and plant tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.  Library patrons will have noted with chagrin that we have taken up a parking space again with our mulch, but it makes the crops so much better!

All that mulch turns clay into garden soil. Chelsea, Puwen, Don and Melba worked in several wheel barrow loads.

Earlier in the week, Don planted potatoes and cole crops.  Along with the lettuces, onions, and leeks planted last week, the garden is taking shape.  We’re also harvesting already.  The peas we built the trellis for back in March are yielding and blossoming, showing how far crops can come in six weeks.

The snow peas are our first crop from this year’s plantings.

Because the sunflowers were so attractive to the birds and pollinators, we’re transplanting the volunteer seedlings along the chain link fence of the tennis court.  Look for their blossoms later this year.

Chelsea finishes the pepper plantings.

Meanwhile, have a look at our new plantings and signs when you visit Central Library, or follow Plot at their website, which has updates on other gardens around Arlington as well as the library’s.

This lettuce, planted last week, is now backed up by eggplants and tomatoes.

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2 Responses to Central Library Garden Takes Shape

  1. starkwe says:

    That’s such a wonderful use for the space around the library.


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