The River Beckons

Yes, I spent time in the garden this weekend—planting the beans and the basil seed, pulling weeds and harvesting, but I also got out on my bicycle.  I had let it get a little late, what with sunset around 8:30, so I wasn’t able to take my usual circuit.

I got a look at the platform and scaffolding on the damaged tower of Washington National Cathedral.

I always think the river is beautiful, even when it’s high and full of flotsam.  There was a little of that, but there was also a heron in flight, little swifts skimming the water for insects, and boaters galore.

Three kayakers caught my attention, reminding me I had yet to be out this year.  There were actually skiers, even though it was not that warm.  Of course, I’m always a little in awe of the skiers.  I’ve been in the river, but it’s always by accident—a capsized sailboat, or the need to wade in to pull a kayak or canoe to shore.  I know it’s graded for swimming, but I always remember a friend who had spent a Saturday at a kayak class learning to do rolls who found out there had been a sewage dump up river that day.  He was not pleased.

Large and small power boats, passenger ferries, and yachts were out.

The river is resilient, though, even in the face of varied urban assaults, and it remains one of the most varied habitats in the eastern United States.  It is this that makes it so alluring.  I realize I need to get out on it again soon, if only to see what the shore looks like!

There they go, probably heading back to Jack’s Boathouse.

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