This Week’s Harvest: Chard, Carrots, Parsley, and Squash

I’ve been eating pretty well from my garden.  First there were lettuces and spinach, then the chard came on, followed by the peas and carrots.  I’m still eating lettuce and chard and have harvested the last of my carrots.

Chard, parsley, a yellow summer squash and carrots will be on the menu tis week, along with salad greens.

Earlier this week, I was able to give a few pounds of greens to AFAC.  The tomatoes are coming on and so are the varieties of summer squash I planted, one of which I harvested this week.

Looks like I may have some cocozelles next week.

I had not intended to trellis the blue Hubbard squash, but after some rains, it took off in a way that led me to believe I should corral it in some way.  I bought a small metal trellis and wove it through, tying it with Velcro tape in a few places.  It seems to be doing just fine, with many little squashes starting on it.  I know they have a long way to go to attain maturity.

I knew this would be a big plant, but still I underestimated it.

I pulled out the last of the blossoming arugula, leaving room for my onions to grow, did a little weeding and then watered.  It has turned quite hot and the peppers and the hubbard looked as though they could use some relief.  I hand watered particular things first, then used the hose to cool everything down.

I’m excited about the baby Hubbards forming.

When I got home, I saw this young rabbit, cooling off in the shade.  I cooled off with some iced tea.

Don’t bother me, I’m resting…

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