Autumn Blows into Arlington

Fall blew in yesterday with a cold front.  On my way to the library, I saw leaves coming down that I hadn’t noticed had turned.  Many trees are still green, but the ones that weren’t loosed their leaves in the wind so that air currents were visible.  Those that fell quickly blew across the road as though it were November.  Today feels like November, in fact.  Cold, cloudy, damp.

It’s so hard to let go of summer.  There is a profusion of blossoms in the garden, but they look a bit like fall as well.

The few tomatoes that are left will probably not have time to ripen.  Mostly it’s a waiting game now with the summer crops.  I had my first fall arugula harvest, but I’m waiting for the eggplants to ripen, not certain they will.

I’m hoping this has time to turn lavender.

The peppers, which are always a good fall crop for me, are prolific.  I’m hoping I can let some of them ripen, but the red color always attracts munchers.  It’s possible that the bird netting I have over that area may help, but then again, who knows?

It’s been a good year in the garden, and depending on the weather, there may be some fall crops.  The turnips are looking good and the spinach and carrots have come up.  The rabbits didn’t give the beets a chance, eating all the greens on the tender plants.  Next year, I may have to invest in some rabbit proofing….

This will be the last blog until after the 22nd.  Until then, happy gardening—or if you’ve cleaned up your garden for the winter, happy respite!

The pepper plants actually seem to like cooler weather.

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