Sandy Smacks Arlington, But Not Too Hard

Sandy roared through Arlington yesterday, leaving us with some downed trees and some power outages.  I’ve never seen anything like this storm for duration and high wind.  The closest would be the blizzard in 1996, which I watched unfold in much the same way I did Sandy (why doesn’t the weather service name nor’easters, anyway?).  Sunday, I took a picture of the ash tree in my courtyard, thinking it would be a good indicator of the hurricane’s force.

This tree was just glowing, but starting to drop leaves fast.

This afternoon early, I ventured out to find my neighborhood largely unscathed.  It may be that the derecho storm last summer did us a favor by taking out some trees and reminding both residents and the power company that some trimming might be in order.  The ash in my courtyard managed to shed its glory in the storm and keep its purchase in the soil.

All that glow is on the ground now.

I guess now we wait to see how much the rain up north will affect the Potomac’s rise.  We’re in for a few days of sun as payback, so I’ll be checking out the garden soon.  I hope all those still in the storm’s path stay safe and warm.

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