September Plantings Bear Bok Choi

Yesterday, I stopped by the garden to check up on my peas, turnips, arugula and lettuces.  I’m learning that certain crops, such as the peas, can be protected from voles by bird netting, and that other crops, such as beets, are best planted in the spring when the garden is more open and provides less cover.

Bird netting secured around plants up to 8 inches, or over plants like carrots, parsley and lettuce can help deter voles.

Voles do not appear to  care for onions or turnips, so those will remain among my fall crops.  I harvested some peppers, then went out to the Plot Against Hunger garden that Cornell Alumni helped me plant at 10th and Barton in September.

If you recall, we planted carrots, peas, spinach, broccoli, bok choi, and cabbage.  I was able to harvest two nice sized bok choi plants—the first harvest for AFAC from this garden!  I’m looking forward to broccoli later this fall, and carrots, as well.

The row on the right is the bok choi last September. Two had grown large enough to harvest; I’ll get the rest this weekend.

Unfortunately, voles devoured every last pea shoot and much of the spinach, so I’ll be thinking of deterrents for the next season’s plantings, including different placement.  If a vole has to move outside cover to reach a particular crop it is much less likely to eat it.

Meanwhile, the last of summer is ripening in a south window…

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