The Cold Frame Returns!

What a beautiful fall weekend this was!  There is still lots of color still in the trees, and depending on the type of tree, lots of leaves raining down in the breeze.  I spent part of two days in the garden, weeding, harvesting the last peppers and pulling the frost nipped plants out.

Some of these bok choi became part of a stir fry Saturday.

Some of what’s left: leeks, chard, radishes, garlic (l-r).

The garden now has only crops that will survive cold.  These include perennial herbs, carrots, turnips, leeks, chard, bok choi, peas, spring onions, cutting celery, parsley, and a variety of lettuces and arugula.  I hauled the cold frame from its summer storage spot and placed it in one of the spaces that opened up as warm weather crops came out.  It’s exciting to have it back in the garden.  While I haven’t decided what to plant in it yet, I’m thinking salad greens.  Last winter I never purchased any lettuce.  Maybe I can repeat that this winter, depending on the weather.

Looking past the peas toward the cold frame.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to have some peas before too long and my turnips are showing some purple tops above the soil.  Gardening doesn’t have to end with summer!

The turnips are snugged in between the cold frame and the peas.

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