Spring: Making Its Stately Way Toward Us

As the vernal equinox approaches, I’m getting ready to meet a potential volunteer for the Plot Against Hunger garden I planted with early crops recently.  It’s a convenient and very visible site, so with luck, I’ll get some help with the weeding, watering, and harvesting.  I’m hoping to have many pounds of produce for AFAC this garden season.  But, it has turned cold again, spring letting us know it will not be rushed.

From one spring weekend...

From one spring weekend…

Last weekend as I ran errands and took care of business other than gardening, I was keeping my eyes on the daffodils in my courtyard.  They are blossoming almost in ranks, and on a cloudy day seem to provide their own light.  Ah, the bouquets of spring and summer!  Something else to look forward to–other than fresh garden produce.

To the next!

To the next!

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