Summer’s Harvest Arrives

Gardens have begun to bear prolifically—a nice thing for gardeners, their neighbors and friends and the Arlington Food Assistance Center.  Last Thursday evening, Filmona, who volunteers in the 10th and Barton Plot Against Hunger, and I harvested seven pounds of kale, chard, carrots, beets, collards, squash, okra, and a small cabbage and took them to AFAC.

My own garden has filled in nicely since spring.

My own garden has filled in nicely since spring.

In my own garden, the zucchini are coming in so thick that I harvested some small ones just to give the others a fighting chance.  I’ve also been getting tomatoes.  To defeat the voles and birds, I’m having to pick them before they’re a perfect red, but having tomatoes is better than the fantasy of perfectly ripe ones.

Yesterday's pickings: not too shabby!

Yesterday’s pickings: not too shabby!

I’m also getting okra in large enough quantities that each picking is a dinner side.  The only disappointment of the garden this year is the bean tower.  Unmolested by rabbits and voles, it looks great: lush, and putting out blossoms.  But I’ve had four beans.  Perhaps this is hubris at work?  Not sure.  May be too much nitrogen.  Still, I’m looking forward to my first eggplant, which is growing as I write, and more of the bell and Hungarian peppers.  It’s only mid-summer, but soon it will be time to put in the fall crops, including a new crop of garlic!

Since I have two plants, there will be many more of these...

Since I have two plants, there will be many more of these…

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