Fall Closes In

The view over the fence from my garden....

The view over the fence from my garden….

We had another beautiful weekend with cooler temperatures.  I guess fall is fast approaching.  We had a community project in the garden.  It involved planting 30 roses along the park side of the fence.  We hope to beautify the fence line as well as keep vegetable thieves from hopping over.

Today I cleaned up my own garden inside, trimming and weeding.  I took out the beans, which had pretty much stopped bearing.  Then I mulched inside the enclosure and planted peas.  Those I had planted before Labor Day have all been nibbled by the rabbit.  In fact, most of what I planted for fall has been eaten as it came up.  Still, I’m getting tomatoes yet, some lovely peppers, and have five purple striped eggplants coming on.

As with the beans, I wasn't sure this plant was going to bear.  Now it's coming on strong.

As with the beans, I wasn’t sure this plant was going to bear. Now it’s coming on strong.

After I worked in my own garden, I harvested for AFAC—tomatoes, okra, beets, scallions, and radishes.


It’s been a good season in the garden.  Given the depredations of the rabbit, I may for the most part put the garden to bed for the winter this fall.  I’ll wait to see what comes up in the next month and manages to survive.  In the meantime, fellow gardener and Plot volunteer Martin sent a photo of what the garden looks like from above.  What a lovely view it turned out to be!


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