Jane Strikes Again!

I did not get out an email to my Plot Against Hunger volunteers until this morning, but Jane, volunteer extraordinaire, had already been to the garden. She harvested zukes, cukes, and tomatoes, added some of her own extra produce, and bagged it all up.

Everything looks so good!  Even the yellow bags!

Everything looks so good! Even the yellow bags!  Photo by Jane

Then she ran it over to the AFAC cooler at the Courthouse farm market. She said there wasn’t much in the way of weeding, so I’m assuming Sarah’s and my efforts last weekend made a difference. The 10th and Barton Plot gardens, and AFAC in general are really fortunate to have volunteers that just run by and do what needs doing on the fly. I am very grateful.

Here is the drop off cooler.  It's often overflowing by market end.

Here is the drop off cooler. It’s often overflowing by market end. Photo by Jane

It is really beginning to feel like late summer to me. Signs are everywhere: the sycamores shedding their enormous leaves, the cicadas and crickets singing, the fact I have all my windows open to the lovely air. As if to put the lock on all those impressions, on one of my errands I noticed the walnut tree at the bottom of the courtyard.

Just click on this to enlarge and get an idea of how loaded it is.

Just click on this to enlarge and get an idea of how many nuts it is producing.

It is loaded with walnuts. A couple had fallen already and I picked them up and had a good sniff. I just love the citrus-menthol smell of them. I suppose fall must come, but I will enjoy these late summer days all the more for that.

These things smell wondrous to me, but I imagine someone else might find them stinky.

These things smell wondrous to me, but I imagine someone else might find them stinky.

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18 Responses to Jane Strikes Again!

  1. What a nice haul for the cooler. I love that you’re doing this all summer long. And hurray for opening windows to the fresh air. We do that every night when the sun finally sets and the heat begins to subside. It’s amazing when you’re tune in how the changing seasons give off so many clues.

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  2. I am not familiar with walnut trees, and it’s so interesting to see them at this stage, which I’ve never seen before! One of my favorite nuts!


  3. My children have loads of stories to tell of early autumn and the walnut trees that overhung the school yard from the property next door 🙂 Freshly gathered walnuts were a treat – but old walnuts were not! Jane deserves a medal! You all do so well with the garden/s and keeping up the supply of fresh produce going out to families in need. You all deserve medals!! xo

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Thanks! I really am fortunate in the help I’ve had–and they are all doing other volunteer things as well. So glad your babes have good walnut memories–even of picking them out of their shells, which takes time and patience!

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  4. I too grew up surrounded by walnut trees. We used to gather then dry them on wire-netting racks.


  5. I’m always taken aback at the first signs of autumn approaching and grow just a teensy bit panicky that I’ve not quite squeezed out enough summer. But then I remember that summer heat waves can surprise us right up through November and stop complaining about the rush.
    The fruits and veg are lush and lovely. As are the pictures and proof of your wonderful work, Lisa.


  6. KerryCan says:

    Your Jane is a treasure! But then you and all the volunteers are, really–what a great thing you’re doing! We’re definitely feeling a weather change here in upstate New York, too. Nights in the 50s–excellent sleeping weather!


  7. Robbie says:

    I smell it in the air here…my husband said the other day, I feel fall coming…..just hope it is a long one:-) my production this year is not as good as years past:-( Yours looks great!


    • arlingwoman says:

      The Plot gardens have done well. My own garden has been something of a disappointment, but if we have a long fall, maybe I can catch up. Long cold spring with too much rain–though not as much as in your part of the country!


  8. I so love following your garden and your fellow volunteers! It is lovely!! I do see some signs of fall here too…but far too hot to enjoy it. xo Johanna


  9. starkwe says:

    All these years and I never realized those were walnut trees!


    • arlingwoman says:

      One of the things I like about reading other people’s blogs is finding out what some plants are. Last spring early, I took a picture of a bush and put it on the blog saying I had no idea and within an hour several people had not only told me what it was but in Latin. And that it was poisonous….

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  10. Boomdeeadda says:

    Congratulations on having a well organized team and for making a difference in others lives Lisa. I’d be really proud. Good grief, that’s one jumbo walnut tree! will you dry the fruit and harvest or roast the nuts? Funny that you’re really starting to feel like summer when we’re starting to feel like summers closing. xK


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