Happy Thanksgiving

It is good as we gather today to take a moment to reflect upon our wealth, counted in many  ways.  May you have blessing on blessing and recognize each one.


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26 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Thank you, Lisa. I do feel very blessed in so many ways. I hope your day was a pleasant one.

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  2. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Xo Johanna

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  3. Allison Harbick says:

    Bob and I have been mightily blessed this day by our Harrisonburg family. What a joy to spend the Thanksgiving day and overnight with them.

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  4. jennypellett says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lisa 😊


  5. Good wishes reciprocated, Lisa. Like the photo – nice composition – not an easy subject

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  6. Brenda says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Lisa. At the risk of being a deer-Scrooge, however, deer photos no longer warm my heart. I now view deer as giant tick machines–dropping the little nasties everywhere they go. A shame, but true. Still, it’s a lovely photo!

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  7. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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  8. Sylvie G says:

    Those nice wishes make one want to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa. I love your simple message and gorgeous photo. Love to you.

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  10. Robin says:

    Beautiful post, Lisa, with a wonderful message and image. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you. 🙂

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  11. LB says:

    We truly are wealthy in a multitude of ways, aren’t we?
    It’s what I love about Thanksgiving … while we should be mindful of this all year, this holiday encourages us to really think on it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  12. badfish says:

    that is a lovely shot…looks like it belongs on a postcard or something!!!

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  13. Lavinia Ross says:

    And a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you, too! We had a nice quiet one here with friends.

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  14. Maria F. says:

    Beautiful image!

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  15. Boomdeeadda says:

    Innocent and beautiful…just as life should be. x K

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