A Lovely Day Out

Yesterday I went with my friend Les to pick up her wine order at Paradise Springs Winery outside Clifton, Virginia. We planned to stop in Clifton, which is an old town with a history of railroading and lumber. It has a lot of gift shops and small businesses, including the Italian restaurant, Villagio.  We came out from a fine lunch, thinking to head to another gift shop before moving on to the winery, but walked right into a parade.


There were a lot of people watching and some trapped cars.

There was a fine crowd there for it. It must have been to kick off the Christmas season, because there was also a house tour scheduled for the late afternoon and there was an art show as well. Les was told it was the horse parade.


It started with this tractor pulling a wagon load of carolers and Santa Claus…

The horses came after, some decorated with hats and some with riders decorated and dressed for the season.


Some of the horses had Christmas themed leg wear.

And some of the horses were decorated with wreaths, tail bows, and assorted other finery.


Odd the Christmas theme here, since the rider is wearing a Grinch sweater!

And then there was the Grinch!!!  Leading a very cute donkey decorated with Christmas tree lights.


It’s a Grinch!! Look at those adorable little donkey hooves…

The Grinch was closely followed by a contingent of cavalry, who drew their swords at one point, perhaps trying to scare the Grinch away.


The parade made a circle through the town.  It was followed, coming and going by some people with a wheelbarrow and shovel.  Yes, they had some work to do…


By the through loop, many of the children were off their ponies, which might or might not have behaved badly in the parade. We did see one horse kick another, but all told it looked fun for everyone. Except maybe the street cleaners…

After the parade, we went out to the winery, which was also hopping.  We tasted some wine and bought some wine.  I’ll be going back here for the quickness of the get-away, the nice little town, and the fabulous winery.  It was really a delight to make a trip and be surprised by a celebration.  Do I need to get out more, or what?



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20 Responses to A Lovely Day Out

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    That was a fun surprise – I love parades. Extra festive with horses!

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  2. Isn’t it nice to have a kind of ‘down home’ parade instead of one with all the bells and whistles and commercial rubbish. Sandwiched between a nice lunch and some good wine sounds like the perfect day out to me 🙂


  3. Sylvie G says:

    It is nice to find a close by escape place one can easily go to , without too much organising. The photos are great!

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  4. Boomdeeadda says:

    You’re really lucky to have these small historical towns near enough for a visit. That’s something I really love about the east coast. My favourite would have been that little donkey 😀 I just adore donkeys ❤

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  5. Robbie says:

    What a great day! You captured it perfectly:-)


  6. KerryCan says:

    We probably *all* should get out more, in order to trip over these unexpected delights! I like these understated, small town events.

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  7. Cammie says:

    That’s the best kind of day. Kevin and I ran into a parade like that once when we were on our way home from Galena. It’s very charming and heartwarming, a reminder that good people are still present on the local scene.

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  8. Yes, you (and I both) need to get out more. I have been to a few events lately and got the distinct feeling that the world has move right on without me. Thanks for sharing the vivid, colourful photos!

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  9. Lisa, I love the little towns on your coast. You live in such a fascinating place. I’m glad you got out and made of day of it, and what a fun surprise to run into a parade. I hope you enjoyed the wine as well.

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