Just a Little More Progress

Today I got back into the garden and planted a little more.  It was not particularly warm, but it was sunny.  I took comfort that here in Virginia, we don’t have what my cousin in Door County Wisconsin has.  She said they’re sick of snow.  Can’t say I blame them.

snow on deck

I’ve only seen this deck in the summer.

I started in the large outside garden where I used pavers to outline beds and planted asparagus last week.  This week, I just did a little weeding and planted some flower seeds.  I also checked the little blueberry bushes and tied the blackberry so it will climb on the fence.  Well, one hopes it will anyway.  No telling, really.


Most of that green is Larkspur. I added some other flowers to the beds. Hey, how about those pavers?

It has been pretty cold–highs in the fifties today, but that doesn’t make for great sprouting of seeds.  I have been pleased with the spinach and lettuce under the row cover.  They are progressing nicely.  Under the pop-up tent, I do seem to be getting some tomato sprouts.  Still, I interplanted with rainbow beets today. Under cover, the rabbits won’t get them, and I have tomatoes growing inside the house at this point.  I also watered in the cold frame, to encourage the balky pepper and eggplant seeds.  We’ll see.


You might notice the radishes (lower right) are bigger this week, even though it’s been frigid.

Next week, I hope to plant flower seeds for the sidewalk border and have engaged a fellow gardener to help.  Let’s hope for another good day next weekend.  Yesterday it was actually spitting snow in the afternoon and felt a great deal like February.  We could be in for a long cold spring.  While I was in the garden, I did wander around. Most sensible people have not yet begun to dig and plant.


A lot of the garden looks like this yet.

Still there are a lot of flowers coming up, not just in my garden but all around.  And trees are blossoming–the small magnolias (as opposed to grandiflora, which blossoms in May), rhododendrons, cherries, redbuds, and maples in their reddish glory.

It’s a beautiful world.


I always admire Jane’s straight rows, but can’t make myself stretch string over the garden–and progress here from last week as well!


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22 Responses to Just a Little More Progress

  1. Gosh, three years ago when we were in your neck of the woods it was warm and humid most of the time and the cherry trees were blooming…… It seems winter wants to hang on in the US this year! Your poor cousin, the snow has been unrelenting for some areas hasn’t it – surely it must thaw soon. It’s coming here, so maybe that’s a good sign for you all. We have had some snowfalls in the high country and a pretty cold week forecast – starting today. Getting close to turning on the heat and hunkering down with my yarn and paints (not at the same time, or even in the same room 🙂 ) It’s hard waiting for the weather to catch up when you want to see that garden underway. The rabbit protection devices are doing a good job anyway and will pay off when the season wakes up. The pavers are looking good 🙂 I always love watching all that bare earth disappear as the plants flourish and grow – soon it will be a sea of green and you will be in your element! Any canoeing or hiking planned?


    • arlingwoman says:

      Oh, gosh, I remember wearing my coat while you were here! It’s April, I guess. I do hope that it doesn’t go into June like it did last year. The tomatoes only do well with warm nights. There’s something nice in the change of the seasons, from going outside to hunkering inside with heat or the reverse. So far no kayaking planned, but I’m thinking of it! And just today I was thinking I needed to get to Great Falls at least! We will see. Can’t wait to see the results of your winter crafting!

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    It’s so nice to see things coming up in your garden. I hear warmer weather is coming in the next few days!

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  3. Sylvie G says:

    Your garden is already encouraging to watch. So much work ! and still all depends on the weather. Hope you get what you need.

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  4. Mary Tang says:

    Your beds are so neat, and growing from seeds is admirable. Looks like you have much to look forward to, Lisa.

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Your season does not seem to be too far behind ours.

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  6. Keep at it Lisa. The rain is making Jackie stir crazy. Going out today to seek some encouraging planters to replace those cracked by cold

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  7. KerryCan says:

    Nice pavers!! And I do believe better weather is coming–were even supposed to get highs near 50 soon!

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  8. Laurie Graves says:

    Wisconsin looks a lot like Maine! Boy oh boy, what a chilly spring. Fifty degree weather sounds like a treat to me. 😉


  9. Robin says:

    It is indeed a beautiful world. The garden looks lovely. I like the pavers.
    Since I noted you about the asparagus, I went back and looked at my garden journal in regards to the asparagus bed I planted. I did weed it the first year although I was pretty lackadaisical about it and had a hard time pulling some of the “weeds.” I wasn’t familiar with the spot where I planted the asparagus and unexpected flowers (black-eyed susans and other that I never identified) came up, as well as volunteer tomatoes. I later learned that the tomatoes will supposedly help keep away the asparagus beetles so it’s good to grow tomatoes in the rows between the asparagus. (I never sprayed my asparagus. I just picked off the beetles when they showed up and put them in a cup of soapy water to be rid of them.) By the third or fourth year, I got really lazy and thinned some of the weeds from time to time, but mostly didn’t bother.

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  10. What a lovely garden! I enjoy seeing the updates on it. Very inspiring!


  11. Maria says:

    The flowers look fantastic!

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