The Pleasures of Staycation

I took vacation this week and stayed home.  This is lovely to do if you don’t have a travel bug, love your home, and feel you don’t get to enjoy it as much as you’d like.  That’s me.  I like seeing new places, but I also like staying home.  I had a list of things to do.  I didn’t get to all of them and it rained Saturday through Wednesday, so I was pretty much confined to doing things inside.

I repainted the bathroom, which had crackling peeling paint in it.  I did the whole mess one is supposed to do:  scraped, spackled, sanded, primed, and finally laid on a coat of paint.  This


turned into this.


And this


turned into this.


I chose a new color, which makes the bathroom much brighter and warmer.  With all the work, I hope it waits at least 6 years before it starts to peel again…

The rain has helped the garden keep bearing crazily.  AFAC is benefiting, particularly where tomatoes are concerned, even given the number of tomatoes that split from the rain.


The second bag had zucchini, cucumbers, and eggplants in it as well as Swiss chard, not shown here, as it was in the fridge.


I met a friend I hadn’t seen for some time for coffee and it was lovely to reconnect.  I had some garden friends for dinner, and in general had a lovely time in spite of the heavy weather.  We had Friday, Saturday and today relatively rain free.  I got myself back into the garden today as it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow.


I have a lot of flowers, some of which get cut every week for the house.

The basil is yielding enough for drying.


Cucumbers are continuing to blossom.


Squash are very happy.


The large tomatoes are beginning to blush.


And I planted arugula and some hot weather lettuces today for fall consumption.  So far, so good!


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29 Responses to The Pleasures of Staycation

  1. The rudbeckia and zinnias are a veritable symphony of color!


  2. Maria says:

    I see even tinier tomatoes than the grape kind in the picture. Which kind are they? Maybe they’re simply younger ones. Your garden looks beautiful.


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Your new bathroom color is pretty. I wish I could get enthusiastic about painting – I so dread it and put it off forever. I’d always rather do something else!
    Your garden is so prolific, it’s wonderful. Does your dried basil retain its flavor? I never had luck with drying it, so instead put terminal bud stems in containers and freeze them, taking out a few leaves at a time to add at the end of cooking. It seems to keep its flavor pretty well.
    Hope you feel good and rested, ready to face the work world tomorrow!

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Thanks, Eliza! I hope to face the work barrage with renewed energy and calm. As for painting, I put it off, too. My bathroom looked like it belonged in a tenement. It takes time and needs to be done right and that usually doesn’t happen for me over a weekend! As for the basil, I’ve been trying to dry it in the microwave. I like your idea of freezing stems of leaves. I have dropped them in a food processor before as well with a bit of water and frozen them in ice cube trays then kept in freezer bags. The thing that retains the flavor best, I find, is pesto! I haven’t tried the dried bits yet, but they’re a lovely green color. I’ll let you know when I use them.

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  4. I love stay at home vacations too! I still love them, even though every day is a vacation for me 🙂
    Your garden is looking particularly prolific and verdant – my goodness, those flowers!! You actually managed a great deal, that was a thorough re-paint job and the finished room looks very inviting! I chuckled when you wrote you hoped it would last six years…… I don’t think mine has ever been upgraded and this flat is over 40 years old! I maybe shouldn’t admit that publicly 😀 Back to work tomorrow? I hope you are fully refreshed and invigorated. Your home must be such a pleasure to come back to now with all the work you have done. You are very clever!! xo

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Yes, I think it will be very inviting to come back to. It’s certainly been a pleasure to be in this past week! The bathroom seems to peel every few years. A good paint job should last longer than that. I secretly hope for 10 or 12 after what I put into it! We shall see!

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  5. Mary Tang says:

    It’s funny how we appreciates the rain when it comes after a dry spell but in no time start wishing for the sun. 🙂 You did a fine job with the paint work and in the garden.


  6. Sylvie G says:

    A great job in the bathroom! Incredible what a little colour can do! I regularly have the travel bug but also like being at home.It is as great to “do nothing”, as I call it. I am mastering this skill.
    The flowers are beautiful.


  7. Lavinia Ross says:

    Good to see your gardens doing well! It has been bone-dry here; our annual summer drought came a bit early this year.


  8. jennypellett says:

    Your bathroom looks lovely – and how satisfying for you. I too like staying at home and getting things done. I enjoy painting and decorating- not so much the preparation! I’m beginning to love my garden now I have more time but our recent prolonged spell of very dry weather has turned the grass brown and my poor plants are suffering. Your veggies look wonderful.

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Hi Jenny! Everything is very happy with the rain, even if other places are getting flash floods! I think you’re on the other side of the country, but Derrick got some rain recently. Maybe it will blow to your garden today.


  9. Brilliant decoration, Lisa. Not exactly a holiday, though 🙂 Good to see your colourful garden and its produce

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  10. Laurie Graves says:

    I’m with you, Lisa. Seeing new sights is all very well and good, but, for me, home is best. Your staycation sounds like a pleasing blend of getting things done and having fun. Love the colors you chose.

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  11. KerryCan says:

    Well, it doesn’t sound like a vacation, because you worked pretty hard, but the results are so great! What a improvement you made in the bathroom! And my mind is boggled every time I see what your garden produces!

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    • arlingwoman says:

      I’m pretty pleased with the bathroom. It was just nice to be home and see people and get a few things done–and not to travel! It’s been a good garden year so far, and raining again, so maybe that will continue.


  12. Oh, lovely. Seeing your post makes me want to try zinnia’s again. I’ve not had luck in the past, but after spring has come and gone, I have very little in the way of cutting flowers. Your’s are beautiful.


    • arlingwoman says:

      They seem pretty hardy if they can get a good start. The ones on the fence line don’t get watered, and they do pretty well in dry conditions, but perhaps not as dry as yours. Do give them a try!


  13. Evelyn Taylor says:

    Love the recent posts and photos. I especially like the mental picture of you as feral!

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    • arlingwoman says:

      You should have seen me! But last weekend was worse, I think. I had to hang up my clothes to dry before I threw them in the hamper… No gardening this weekend. Supposed to come the deluge.


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