All Is Calm

It’s a  dreary day with lowering clouds and a look of snow. To the south, there is a winter storm that’s crossed 2000 miles and is heading for the Atlantic.  Here in northern Virginia, we aren’t expected even to get flurries.  But we’ve got that wintry look.


What’s more wintry than this? Well, snow would be, I guess, but …

I’ve been lazing around my house since November 28 with a case of pneumonia.  Today, I take the last of my antibiotics and tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor to see whether my lungs have cleared well. As pneumonia goes (I am unfortunately well-experienced with it), it hasn’t been bad, especially the coughing, which has been efficient and (drumroll) largely during the day.  I’ve been sleeping  like a stone.


Leeks and red sorrel together in a dormant garden.

I’ve been getting great meals from friends, too.  And boy has that helped!  The thing with pneumonia is that you don’t feel bad after the initial slam-down, but boy is it hard to do much but lie on the couch.  I realized I was on the upswing when I had the energy to open a can of refried beans and cook some rice.


These figs, on a sheltered south wall, won’t be anyone’s meal…

Today, I’m thinking about bringing out my Christmas decorations.  I don’t have a lot, so it shouldn’t be too strenuous.  I will likely be snugging in locally for the holiday, as travel after pneumonia is too strenuous, and way too many people seem to think flying while sick is a good idea.  Well it is, if you want to make the maximum number of people sick … otherwise, not so much.


Ah, citrus! Gracious fruit of the winter.

So I’m reformulating Christmas for myself at the moment, and continuing to relax.  I may write my cards today.  I’ve already got them stacked in order for addressing.  One thing I’ve enjoyed, being home with little to do, is being able to visit everyone’s blog fairly regularly.  You folks are productive and entertaining and educational!


I thought these were the loveliest little blast of color. I Imagine them calling to birds, “Here we are!”

To prove it, just this week, I got a book of Cynthia Jobin’s poems in the mail, pulled together and edited by John Looker, published by Bennison Books. It’s a lovely edition.  Cynthia’s blog was like a master class in poetry and its forms, and the conversation in comments was wonderful.  I’m glad there’s another edition of her work to savor. It’s available from…yup, Amazon, so order it if you’re inclined and many thanks to John.


I had to hold the cover down, since it’s already standing open from reading.

I hope you have a good week! See you in the blogosphere.


And because I’ve been reading Derrick Knight’s blog, I’m pretty sure this is a clematis–I offer it in memory of Cynthia and in thanks to John for his work.


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52 Responses to All Is Calm

  1. I’m just about to hit the shower and start my day but couldn’t resist stopping by to see how you are getting on. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and I’m waiting to hear the doctors report. So glad you have Cynthia’s book already, my copy is coming for Christmas. (Sssh, it’s a surprise) 🙂
    It’s still raining off and on here – I’m resigned to a dreary summer.

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  2. Gosh! I hope you quickly fully recover from your pneumonia Lisa. “Pneumonia” is one word in the English language I have to always cut and paste. The other word I can never spell is vechile (as in motorcar). Glad to see the garden has been “put to bed” for the winter and awaits – wait for it! – the Spring!!

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Your illness sounds horrible. At least you are sleeping well, you heal best in sleep. I hope you recover quickly!

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  4. Glad you got your book, but I am sorry to hear you have been ill. It’s quite remarkable how such illnesses can remove all of one’s energy. Wishing you a fast return to health now, Lisa.

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  5. Sylvie G says:

    Take good care of yourself, now that the worst is over.I totally approve your not getting on a plane and you need all the rest you can get. I am glad that Cynthia’s work has found a new life.

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  6. I’m very sorry to learn about pneumonia and your history of it, Lisa. May you recover your energy soon. At least you got out to take some descriptive shots of the season. I’m pleased to have taught you something 🙂

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  7. Robin says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I’ve never had pneumonia and have been wondering if that’s what might be going on with me. I may have to see the doctor soon. It looked like snow here yesterday and sure enough, it snowed. We were not supposed to get much so I ventured out to do some last minute shopping. It looked like a blizzard on the way home and there were cars in ditches and sitting sideways in the grass, having slid off the road (probably because the folks driving them were going to fast for the road conditions). The highway department didn’t treat the roads, probably because our weather forecasters didn’t get it quite right.

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Oh, man. I hate driving in conditions like that. Glad you got home safe! As for the pneumonia, it’s best to catch it early, so if you even THINK it might be that, get in there! You should feel a tight chest or sometimes, I get an odd creaking sound, like saddle leather. And there’s a big difference between a chest cough and a post nasal drip cough. Go in!!!

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  8. LB says:

    Lisa, I’m visiting for the first time in months and I learn you’ve had pneumonia (again?). I’m sorry about this episode and that you are evidently susceptible. Glad you are caring for yourself, and the thought of Christmas cards been written in a warm home, sounds perfect. Take care, friend.

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  9. I loved the pictures! And I do hope you are starting to feel better. Take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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  10. KerryCan says:

    Pneumonia?! Ugh–my mom is very susceptible, too, and it’s such a drag. Thank goodness


  11. KerryCan says:

    oops–I hit “send” too soon. I was saying thank goodness we live in the age of antibiotics! I hope you learned from the doctor that your lungs are clear now? And did you end up getting snow? We have family in Richmond and they weren’t supposed to get snow but did–a lot! Did it reach you?


    • arlingwoman says:

      Thanks, Kerry. I’m clear now, which is a relief. Just need my strength back. As for the snow–it was just a gloomy day and yesterday was beautiful. I’m glad we didn’t have any of that. I think Richmond got 11 inches! But we were well north of the snow line. Whew!


  12. I’m with Kerry! Glad you are on the upswing.

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  13. Good luck with the recovery. I won’t add any advice because you will either already know it. Or ignore it. 🙂

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  14. Maria says:

    Now I wonder whether the pneumonia vaccine is for me or not. I got the shingles one this month.


    • arlingwoman says:

      They only give the pneumonia vaccine after 65 unless you’re susceptible. There’s one for pneumococcal pneumonia and one they used to give only to children and apparently they work together. I’m just well enough now to contemplate getting one of them. There’s a shortage of the shingles vaccine now, so I’ll have to wait on that.


      • Maria says:

        The Shingles vaccine needs a booster shot three months after you take it, so it’s really 2 vaccines. I have to get mine again after March. At Walgreens they said that this year there should be no shortages since the people who get it the first time need the second dose in order for it to be effective, so major shortages would null the uselessness of those who got the first dose. They say this new Shingles vaccine is about 98% effective, unlike the previous one who was only about 50%. Make sure you consult your doctor first.

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