Who Gets a Band at their Retirement?

We’ve had some beautiful days recently, and yesterday I spent part of the beautiful day at my friend Jane’s retirement.  Those of you who read my blog have heard me speak of Jane in the garden–growing unbelievable tomatoes, building rabbit proof fences and laying out beds in the large Plot Against Hunger garden.


Part of this week’s take for Plot Against Hunger, except the carrots. Those are mine.

Yesterday she retired with 25 years of service in the Marine Corps, the last 11 of them as Chief Music Librarian.  The Marine Corps has a huge music library as well as artifacts from the band that need to be archived and preserved.  Jane also made sure the band members had the right music and the rights to play it when they went on tour.  She has organized the music for five inaugurations, the funeral of George H.W. Bush,  and innumerable White House events, written journal articles on running music libraries, and given presentations at international conferences.  So it’s no wonder that the Marine Band played at Jane’s retirement.


Here she is with the Marine Hymn being played at the end of the ceremony.

When you retire from the Marine Band, you’re offered the opportunity to conduct it.  Jane didn’t take that–rather, she opted to play one of her instruments–an alto clarinet–in Seventeen Come Sunday by Ralph Vaughan Williams.


And here she is playing the Vaughan Williams with the orchestra.

Now you may say she doesn’t look old enough to retire.  She’s not. After a trip to Vancouver, Tahiti, and on to Southeast Asia bicycling through Vietnam, she’s coming back to join the music archives of the Library of Congress.  I’ll say they should be mighty glad to get her.


Getting a hand for the Vaughan Williams–from the conductor as well.

She got some nice gifts from her colleagues, including a garden gnome specially painted to look like John Philip Sousa (wish I’d gotten a picture of that for you).  She’ll be blogging about her trip at The Journey in Between, so if you want to find out about Tahiti or what bicycling through Vietnam is like, give her a follow.  I know I’ll be waiting for posts!


Blue skies!

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30 Responses to Who Gets a Band at their Retirement?

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Now that is retiring in style! Best wishes to her.

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  2. Wowsah! What a way to retire?

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  3. That hit the right note!

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  4. Jane says:

    Awww, thank you, Lisa! So great having you there. Thanks so much for taking the time. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • arlingwoman says:

      You know, people have so many different facets and I found out some of yours I hadn’t known yesterday. And of course, people heard about Jane in quite a number of blogs, so…Have great travels and come back refreshed!

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  5. I especially liked the way you said Jane chose to ‘play one of her instruments’ 🙂 Wish I could play just one….. That was quite a ‘retirement’ ceremony and it wasn’t really even a proper retirement – what will they do for her when she stops work altogether?

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  6. I did think that she wasn’t old enough to retire. What a send-off, though

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  7. KerryCan says:

    What a really cool job she had! And the one she’s going to sounds amazing, too. It’s clear her co-workers and friends truly appreciated her!

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  8. Congrats to Jane on such an illustrious career. and her retirement from something that must have brought her a great sense of achievement. Glad you shared this, Lisa.

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  9. Zambian Lady says:

    Wish I could retire right now! :). Happy retirement to Jane.

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  10. smilecalm says:

    wonderful musical gesture!
    i played the car radio
    when i retired 🙂

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  11. Sylvie Ge says:

    A very nice way to say goodbye. It
    must be great to be at the Library of Congress.

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  12. Lavinia Ross says:

    That was a wonderful retirement party!

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  13. Robert Smith says:

    Wow! you are brilliant and your life experiences are amazing.


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