Fall, Yup, Fall

Well.  It’s fall.  And we are having a long dry spell, which means that my seeds and seedlings need a great deal of attention.  It’s not light late any more, so I can’t really get to the garden on weekdays, unless I go before dinner, which I did tonight.  That could be a strategy.


Newly fenced Tuscan Kale in the new AFAC garden; cauliflower and broccoli behind.

Luckily, my gardening neighbor, Mike, has offered to keep things watered.  I did some work a couple weeks ago to fence the things I had under cover.  They had grown up through the openings in the chicken wire and the rabbits were eating the parts that stuck out.  Evil lagomorphs.


This Tuscan kale appears to have a lower habit, but likely will need new fencing like its cauliflower and broccoli relations in my garden…

I have lots of arugula, which the rabbits don’t care for (heh, heh).


And I am finally getting some eggplants!!!!  I have plans for them, the eggplants.  Plans that include tomatoes, couscous and chickpeas…


Writing this, I realized that there were two okra pods either lurking in or being abused by my purse.  Just grabbed them out and rinsed them.  The okra is being brave and persistent, but I can tell it’s tired.  I’m saving pods as I get them at the moment.


Sorry for the blurry picture. I know I have lots of pictures of okra, but apparently not this year…

We had a garden work day last weekend, and Betsy, whose plot was run over by the bus last month, had help rebuilding her beds.  I hope you have a great week and weekend!


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33 Responses to Fall, Yup, Fall

  1. shoreacres says:

    That sounds like a grand plan for the eggplant!

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  2. I was hoping the community would rally round and help rebuild the ruined garden. I recently found a little stamp sentiment lurking in my card making collection and immediately thought of you “somebunny loves you” ……….. 🙂 It’s not been used – but you never know……

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  3. Oh, those wabbits! That eggplant dish sounds utterly delicious.


  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Those certainly are ‘wascally wabbits!’ 😀
    Sounds like a great community, helping each other out when in need. Gardeners are such great people! 🙂

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  5. The pre-dinner strategy looks to be a good one! We’ve got “Summertime” (Daylight Saving) starting this Sunday!

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  6. We are dark earlier now too on the west coast and still dark when I usually walk in the mornings. I miss the daylight, not the heat. You still have some warm. Ours has gone missing. So happy everyone stepped up to help rebuild the garden plot. The bus company should fund it. Oh well. Good neighbors, you have there. Do you still tend the gardens in winter?

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    • arlingwoman says:

      I don’t like the dark, but try to snug in more in the evenings. I do plant crops for fall, so I have only about three months I’m not in the garden–Dec-Feb–but I try to put them to bed in November. The guy who ran a red light and forced the bus off the road was ticketed and the County has sent his insurance company the bills for fencing, and replacing things in the garden. The bus would have killed him if the driver hadn’t taken avoidant action. Of course, we’re really glad nobody was in the garden at the time.

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  7. Lavinia Ross says:

    Good to see the gardens rebuilt! This is friendship and good neighbors at work. 🙂

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  8. Hooray for the eggplants. Not so much for the rabbits. And now I’m off to look up a word: Lagomorph.

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  9. tonytomeo says:

    Fall already? I suppose so. It got cool for us, but will not stay that way for long, at least not yet.

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  10. SueW says:

    What a very interesting blog you have. Such a variety of vegetables too. I think your community garden is what we in England would call a garden allotment. I love that you give part of your produce to a charity project.

    Those pesky rabbits! I understand why you need to vigilant with the fencing. Many of the relatives tending the graves at our local cemetery use faux flowers, I’ve done that myself on occasion because thanks to the rabbit community we are often left with vases of stalks!

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Thanks, Sue! Yes, it’s like an allotment, but we don’t get little sheds where you can make tea. We do have a shed where we can all put tools. This is what I grow through fall. I didn’t put beets in as I had a lot of them from spring and summer and the greens need rabbit protection. I can imagine the little critters eating flowers in a cemetery!

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  11. kevin cooper says:

    The eggplants look great. 🙂

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  12. Sylvie Ge says:

    This garden of yours seems to keep you busy, but it is all worth it if you have a nice aubergine dish in the end.

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  13. Chocoviv says:

    Love eggplants 🍆

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  14. arlingwoman says:

    Me too. I’ll be checking for more tomorrow!


  15. Maria says:

    I’m so impressed with how you protect the crops. Some of them even individually with the chicken wire.

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