Strolling Toward Spring

I’ve been digging kitchen compost into the garden periodically over the winter.  Mostly it’s coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetable trimmings.  It’s been fun to go there with a purpose, dig a trench and dump what would otherwise go out in the garbage or down the disposal (yes, cringe).  I’ve found that it works well when I systematically cover the whole garden.  

Taking the shovel back to the shed, I saw a tomato plant with two ripe tomatoes from last fall. They looked remarkably edible yet…

Yesterday when I went, there was a crow with nesting material in its mouth perched on a fencepost.  I couldn’t get a photo, but the crow made me alert and I noticed what had to be a whole flock of robins pecking around the dormant gardens and periodically coming up with a worm or a grub.  I couldn’t get good pictures of them, either, having only the phone with me. Other birds making appearances were song sparrows, blue jays, and a mockingbird that thinks it is king of the garden…

The robins were scurrying on the ground and rarely showing their orange breasts when still.

I checked things while I was there.  The peas have not come up yet.  Jane gave me some water jugs she had cut the bottoms off and they make fabulous cloches for larger plants.

I had the thought to put my foot in for scale, but most of you likely don’t know the size of my feet and do know the size of water cooler bottles.

She also gave me the bottoms, figuring I’d find some use for them.   Currently, what with days varying from upper forties (F) to the low seventies, I’ve propped the cold frame open with them as I continue to enjoy the lettuce.

Other signs of spring were the garlic planted late last fall, that came up and suffered through three snows,

The garlic is in a line in the middle of the photo. Iris on the left and a couple stray alliums on the right.

A rabbit convinced I could not see it,

At first I thought the rabbit was trapped, but it wasn’t; I walked around the other side to check. It was just being a typical, bold as brass Lagomorph…

My favorite spring flower,

And some very cheerful daffodils.

Best wishes for a good week!

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29 Responses to Strolling Toward Spring

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Looks like spring has arrived for you! I like the repurposing of water bottles as cloches, great idea!


    • arlingwoman says:

      Thanks for coming by, Eliza. I think spring is on its way, but likely winter will throw a few temper tantrums yet. I like the water bottles, too. Many cloches are too small to protect growing plants very long.

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  2. shoreacres says:

    I’ve never seen ‘cloche’ used this way. When I read the word, I wondered why you were using a plastic bottle as a hat. Now, I get it. ‘Lagomorph’ is an unfamiliar word, too. Maybe if there were more rabbits around, I’d have learned it.

    I do envy you those robins! I grew up with them as the preeminent sign of spring, and I miss them every year. As for the crocuses, I’ve never seen those growing. I suppose someone must have had them when I was living in Iowa, where tulips abound, but I sure don’t remember them. As for the daffodils, the only place I’ll find those is the grocery store!

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    • arlingwoman says:

      Ah, the hat cloche and the garden cloche. Two different things. When I demonize the rabbits, I always use Lagomorph–it’s the order they belong to, along with hares and oddly, pikas. We’ll have more bulb plants coming up as spring goes on. I imagine your Texas spring is full swing at this point.


  3. Beautiful purple crocuses! Looks like spring has come your way. Such a wonderful time of year, and it looks as though you are springing right into gardening.


  4. Lovely that your Spring is creeping in. Our autumnal days are starting to get less hot – even chilly – and darker! AND I’m happy to say our crocuses are autumn ones – so we are getting the same as you at the same time!


  5. A lovely set of spring images. Never mind, we now know the comparative size of your feet 🙂


  6. SueW says:

    You’ve been very again, great images, Lisa


  7. Funny how the rabbits freeze, seeming to think we can’t see them. I like the idea of the water bottle cloches. I hope to remember that when I need! Wishing you a good week, Lisa. We had mild weather yesterday (hoorah!) and the birds were active, but there’s still snow on the ground and we are supposed to have some more this week.


  8. Sylvie Ge says:

    It is so nice to see the spring and its promises through your photos. You seem to have a season full of work too ahead of you.


  9. Lavinia Ross says:

    The water bottle cloches are a great idea, and I will see if I can get any bottles that size. Good to see spring progressing in your area, Lisa.


  10. I will be enjoying your garden with you this year as I no longer have access to one where I am and little grows anyway. We had on heck of a snow this morning and 75 degrees on Sat and Sunday. That’s spring here. There is something trying to come up in the courtyard under the trees but I have yet to figure out what. Bunnies are so cute until they eat what you were going to use for dinner. 🙂 I love giving the ground the scraps. I miss that too. I still give the trees the coffee grounds.


    • arlingwoman says:

      Marlene, so glad you came by!!! I have not been reading the blogs as I’d like and hope I haven’t missed a post from you. The weather is crazy everywhere, I think. We had sleet this morning and it’s in the 50s. I’m so glad I haven’t planted much, as we’ve had very cold nights. I’m afraid the rabbits may be feasting on my asparagus, but who knows. It’s hard to identify plants from other climates. I’ll never forget being in California for the first time and wondering what the heck a bunch of different plants and trees were. I imagine the Southwest is about like that for someone who gardened in cooler wetter temps. Take care and if you find out what’s under the trees, let me know.

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      • As I’m still in the settling in process of my move, I haven’t posted in over a month. I’m not sure if I will ever get back to it. So you haven’t missed anything here. Around here, you can go a couple of miles either way and the plants are entirely different. Growing season was extremely short the last time I was in this area. I may try some container gardening if I can get to it. The other side of the building gets more sun for plants so I’ll have to be very thoughtful about what I grow. We just can’t have any expectations from the weather anymore. At least the rabbits will be well fed in your garden, Lisa. Sorry about that.


      • arlingwoman says:

        Yes, I saw a great big rabbit today. It was in someone else’s garden, but I’m sure it will visit mine. I will be fencing select crops again, hoping not to have too much depredation. Good luck with container gardening.

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