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Excitement Nobody Needs

On Friday afternoon, I got an email from a colleague who knew where my garden was.  She gave me a link to a local news organization that showed a picture of a bus that had ploughed through our fence and … Continue reading

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Yup, Thinking of Fall Planting…

The garden has been a bit droopy lately because it is hot and the customary afternoon thunderstorms have either not happened or have happened two miles away. I was not able to get to the garden last week until Friday … Continue reading

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Heading Into August

You may have heard that it’s been hot here.  Even for me, it’s been hot.  Just walking outside, not even exerting myself, I started sweating.  But it’s already broken, thank goodness.  The plants are looking a bit tired of the … Continue reading

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Who Gets a Band at their Retirement?

We’ve had some beautiful days recently, and yesterday I spent part of the beautiful day at my friend Jane’s retirement.  Those of you who read my blog have heard me speak of Jane in the garden–growing unbelievable tomatoes, building rabbit … Continue reading

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The Bounty Comes On

The gardens are doing their summer work of producing.  I dropped off about 15 pounds of produce for the Plot Against Hunger this weekend. It included green beans, carrots, tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini. Some of the zucchinis were big, so … Continue reading

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Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs!

It’s been more than a month since I published a blog.  Lots has happened!  I harvested garlic and braided it.  Not a braid to show at the farm market, but I’d never done it before.  I was also pleased with … Continue reading

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A Little Gardening, A little Crafting

Once more, I’ve been to the garden quite a few times and missed taking the camera.  The photos here are two weeks old, so there is now even a larger profusion of blooms, plants are bigger, and I’m settling in … Continue reading

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