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Winter Makes a Statement

Winter rode in on a moving front of changing weather mid-week.  Forecasters had been talking about snow and moving the forecasted amounts up and down with the weather models.  They settled on 4-8 inches yesterday. It started to snow yesterday … Continue reading

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All Is Calm

It’s a  dreary day with lowering clouds and a look of snow. To the south, there is a winter storm that’s crossed 2000 miles and is heading for the Atlantic.  Here in northern Virginia, we aren’t expected even to get flurries.  … Continue reading

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Inch By Inch

It may be that spring has arrived with the equinox. Today was a lovely spring day with warm temperatures and plenty of sun. By afternoon, I was ready to head to the garden and get started with the planting. But … Continue reading

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The First Snow of the Season

We had our first snow today.  I went out to enjoy it before it turned to the predicted freezing rain.  It was lovely stuff, wet and clingy, presaging the forecast had I not heard it.  The flakes were small and … Continue reading

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Midwinter Spring: Its Own Season

Yesterday when I walked outside, it felt like spring.  There was that scent of warming earth and a temperature that didn’t demand a coat.  As the day wore on, I could see the humidity hanging in the air.  In the … Continue reading

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