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Winter’s Flowering

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Dumbarton Oaks to see whether the snowdrops were out.  I thought they might be earlier this year, as it has been so warm with the exception of the deep freeze around Christmas.  The guard at … Continue reading

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Winter Update

Last week, I stopped by the garden.  I wanted to check the cold frame after the Christmas freeze when it dropped into single digits.  Also, I wanted to get more turnips.  I was pretty sure the arugula and kale were dead.  Right before the … Continue reading

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Almost Winter Gardening

Yesterday, I went to the garden to drop off some compost I’ll dig in after Christmas.  I wanted to pick some arugula and turnips. I also wanted to check on the lettuces in the cold frame and the broccoli.  Both are doing … Continue reading

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Well…A Break Is One Thing

Every once in a while someone says they’re taking a break from blogging and disappears for a while.  I disappeared with no notice in March.  My first year of retirement was full.  I did a lot of gardening, traveled for the first time … Continue reading

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Strolling Toward Spring

I’ve been digging kitchen compost into the garden periodically over the winter.  Mostly it’s coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetable trimmings.  It’s been fun to go there with a purpose, dig a trench and dump what would otherwise go out in the garbage … Continue reading

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Three Walks and Some Wildlife

I’ve had three good walks recently at local parks, two of them on relatively warm days between blasts of cold and the last one on a brisker, more wintry day.  My friend Jane emailed about a walk and suggested Turkey Run, which … Continue reading

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Not Gardening, Just Prepping

I’ve been doing a lot of spring planning.  Some of it has been for my own garden and some of it has been for the Plot Against Hunger.  I’ve ordered seeds and some supplies (stakes, fencing, tomato insulators, cloches for young plants, … Continue reading

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Time, Distance, and New Snow

Seed catalogs are coming in fast.  They’re fat and colorful and full of tempting things, and they make me realize I need to start planning my garden tout de suite.  I don’t need much, as I save seeds, but there are always surprises … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I was harvesting cilantro, broccoli, cauliflower, and parsley from the garden.  It was over 60 degrees, and I wasn’t even wearing a jacket. Today, I woke up to this. It was snowing crazily, almost a whiteout without wind.  The predictions had … Continue reading

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Watching the Hawk Watch

One of the things I like about my neighborhood is that wildlife presents itself for the alert passer-by.  I was in my living room when I noticed some people walking up the steps toward the shops.  The man looked up and then … Continue reading

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