A Full Spring Weekend

Last weekend, we finally got some spring weather. I met Sarah, one of the 10th and Barton Plot Against Hunger volunteers in the morning and we cleared out the large garden and prepped it for planting. A fellow gardener from 10th and Barton, Joan, also helped us loosen up and turn the soil. Unfortunately, I took no pictures, which is something that rarely happens. But after the Plot garden was prepped and Sarah and Joan moved on to the rest of their days, I went to my own garden.


The bean enclosure is almost ready in the back.

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear about the row covers. Nothing under them has been eaten.


The radishes are unmolested in their cloche.

However, nothing much under them has sprouted either. And why it never occurred to me that weeds would like growing under the covers is, I suppose, evidence of excitement and excessive hope.


Some carrots and some spinach seeds sprouted. Even with the cover, they may have been planted too early for the weather we’ve had.

Alex, my neighbor in the garden arrived with her crew after I had started to work. They had seed tape, which she said made nice straight rows and kept the seeds from clumping up in little pockets and sprouting in little islands in the rows. Plus, since she has Harry and Ginger do much of the planting while she weeds, it also saves seeds. I looked at these this year and may try them next for things that are hard to space, like carrots.


The seed tape has been stretched in a line and is now being covered. I wondered how she was getting such straight rows!

The arugula has come up and the rabbits never bother that. Still, they haven’t bothered the lettuces in the open cold frame either. Maybe (and this is a fervent hope) the rabbits were eaten by foxes over the winter. I haven’t seen one yet, and that’s fine. I think the covers will come in handy in the fall if I’m inclined to plant.


I’ll be eating this in salads next week.

My flower hunger is about to be sated beginning in the next few weeks, especially with the Columbines.


It’s so nice to see the flowers coming out.

And the lady bugs are out, which is a very good sign as well.


A little blurry, but still a lady bug.

In other news, oceans, rivers and lakes flowed into my apartment yesterday in the form of one of the Contented Crafter’s beautiful light catchers, tailored just for me. It sparkles just like water and throws little rainbow comets on my wall in the late afternoon.


The photo can’t do it justice.

And my niece came to visit with her love and we took him (and ourselves) to Dumbarton Oaks for the afternoon and cooked up some fish and steaks on the grill afterward.


Elisa and Alex enjoying the beauties of Dumbarton Oaks on a gorgeous day.

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32 Responses to A Full Spring Weekend

  1. Isn’t it just sod’s Law that the critters all disappear when you get yourself barricaded against them! 🙂 Has spring arrived to stay now? I hope your garden will soon overflow with good things to eat and pretty flowers for your home. Thank you for the shout -out that is very kind xo. Aren’t these jolly things so hard to photograph – I wish I could crack it! It’s so lovely that your niece has ‘a love’ – I like that designation better than ‘boyfriend’ I think …… I’m making notebook covers for some strange reason. I made some to send to some friends and now am making more…. Crazy! I should be outside enjoying this very warm and delightful autumnal afternoon.

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  2. Lisa, Pauline just mentioned spotting a ladybug in a comment on one of my posts, and now here you are posting a ladybug pic. Aren’t they the best? I’m so glad we got to stand in your garden and take in the view, not that far off of a year ago. I love the community you’ve built together there and the plant a row concept as well. The cloches look impenetrable, so that is a very good sign. I wonder if you can mulch with something like burlap to keep the weeds down inside so that you don’t have to keep disturbing it. Would that work? I’m using burlap myself this year for the first time. Of course seeds can germinate and grow through that as well, but you can at least slow them down.

    I always get excited when I see one of Pauline’s light catchers, and yours is done in my favorite shades of blue. Actually I like all shades of blue and feel the same way about green and purple. Funny that.

    Spring is almost there. Snow, be gone!


    • arlingwoman says:

      It’s not too bad to weed a bit inside them. I don’t know why I didn’t think that would be necessary! I am not sure about landscape cloth and such. It’s a good sized space and I’ve seen people taking it up in the fall, which looks like more work than weeding. It’s all dirt therapy! I do like the blues of the light catcher. It looks like water and sky. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while.


      • I remember that you bought one for your mom. I’m so glad you now have one of your own as well. They’re really special. Pauline made one in purple for my sister. I’ve ordered a few more for dear friends.

        I like weeding myself, so I’m with you.

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  3. Love the light catcher. Mine is working wonders now that it’s autumn and the sun goes around lower in the sky – so it sparkles the whole room!


  4. Sylvie G says:

    I love the light catcher and the garden stories. Thank you arlingwoman 🙂


  5. Lady bug, lady bug fly away home
    Your house is on fire and the children are gone
    All except one, and that’s little Ann
    For she crept under the frying pan….
    Such a good omen, that ladybug.I think they call it a ladybird in the UK.
    Looks like you have a good start on gardening. And what a gorgeous light catcher! ( I think I threw Pauline for a bit of a loop when I asked for my favorite complementaries of cobalt and orange, but the one she made for me is stunning and sends little rainbow comets all over the wall by my piano.)
    Let’s hope the lagomorphs make themselves scarce this season!

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  6. Excellent starts have been made. ‘Rainbow comets’ is a perfect description of the light catcher effects. I nearly photographed ours the other day. Perhaps we both should

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  7. pagedogs says:

    I would let you borrow our resident fox family if I could!


  8. Eliza Waters says:

    You must be happy playing in the soil once again. Such a good feeling! Love the light catcher and the columbines. This recent warm spell has sped things up in the garden here – hurray!

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  9. BunKaryudo says:

    Sniff… Poor little rabbits! Of course, I’d feel differently if I were a lettuce.

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  10. Maria F. says:

    Beautiful Gardens, beautiful weather.

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  11. badfish says:

    You’re lucky to live where you do…to have a great spring like this. I have a friend who lives in Minnesota, and she can’t plant for another month or so…it could still snow any day, and probably will! I haven’t lived in four seasons for…yikes…over 30 years. Deserts don’t have seasons, certainly no “fall”..there’s nothing to fall.


  12. Boomdeeadda says:

    wow, you are in garden mode. Fantastic. Back when I used to garden, they never had seed tape. That’s a good idea, they should always come like that.


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