Seeds, Sprouts, Seedlings!

It’s that time of year.  Last week, before I put the cold frame out and planted seeds in it, I started some seeds inside.  Now, I have containers of dirt sitting by windows, some of them with sprouting seeds.  Some of the seedlings will go into my garden, some to other gardeners and clients of Arlington Food Assistance Center.  If they’re big enough by March 17, some may go to AFAC’s Plot Against Hunger table at the Green Living Expo.  If you stop by, look for us!

Of the tomato seeds I planted, it’s the Mortgage Lifters that sprouted fastest, seemingly anxious to live up to their name.

They may not lift the mortgage, but I hope they'll be tasty.

The Celebrity’s are also coming up, though not as quickly.  I await the eggplant seed sprouts and look forward to seedlings in the cold frame.  Even more, I’m looking forward to spring and the excitement and satisfaction of seeing the garden take shape.

I think these two have spring plans as well.

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